CHARGE Energy Branding Europe

October 11-13, 2021

Empower your brand to capitalize on the energy transition

Unlock proven strategies and tactics you need to boost your brand reputation, optimize customer acquisition, strengthen retention, and futureproof your market share.

Make an impact and join +300 energy decision-makers at the world’s only knowledge and networking event for global energy brands before COP26.


Major Retail Energy, Utility & Power Producer Decision Makers at the world’s only boutique brand strategy & energy technology event for decision-makers

World Class Platform

CHARGE leverages a world class virtual conference and networking platform to supercharge your business intelligence gathering and networking efforts


Of unmissable brand, marketing, communications & energy transition case studies and networking


For the European energy industry to capitalize on the opportunities of the energy transition, new perspectives and insights are essential! At this early stage, we’re excited to have already confirmed these inspirational thought leaders as members of our 2021 speaker line up!

Antonio Cammisecra

Head of Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks
Enel Group

Vincenzo Ranieri

e-distributione SpA

Marco Beicht

powercloud GmbH

Sarah Merrick

Founder & CEO
Ripple Energy

Duncan Blake


SEVEN Major Agenda Themes

After speaking with more than thirty energy retailers and utilities in an intensive market research process, we are supremely confident that the major themes and topics covered by CHARGE Energy Branding Europe will attract +300 major REP, utilities and key energy decision makers this October 11-13.
  1. Futureproof your brand strength – Discover how to measurably futureproof your brand’s standing, carve out greater market share, and deliver on the energy transition after COP26.
  2. Optimize and empower energy retail: Gain the data-driven insights you need to optimize customer experiences, empower consumers and unlock new operational efficiencies in retail and utility markets.
  3. Reputation transformation in energy: Explore invaluable lessons learned to build and repositioning the most valuable and influential modern energy brands.
  4. Leverage data into impactful consumer insights: Takeaway world-class, data-driven storytelling and narrative strategies to shape consumer attitudes, habits and respond to critical consumer trends.
  5. Lobby to supercharge scalability: Examine strategies to leverage your brand to influence and achieve the policy, funding and regulatory environments you need to scale the energy transition at speed, especially in the electrification of mobility and industrial heat.
  6. Revolutionize your brand’s social impact: Learn how to strengthen your internal brand culture, empower your ESG, CSR and HR leaders, deepen stakeholder relationships, and motivate both your workforce and talent pool.
  7. Unlock critical growth markets: Prepare for market disruption, embrace agility, and understand how new entrants, opportunities, technology trends and competitors will impact your business growth through 2021-22.


A unique place of dialogue

About CHARGE Energy Branding Europe

CHARGE is a pioneer and leader in energy branding in global markets, with a five-year legacy in European deregulated energy. Our mission is to help energy companies take their branding to the next level to deliver real commercial growth. We help you shape the future of energy by redefining the brands of today. Join us to collaborate with peers, gain exclusive best practices and take away the brand, marketing and communication insights you need to grow your business.

CHARGE is a proven leader in energy branding conference, business intelligence, benchmarking tools and brand consulting in commodity markets, including energy, insurance and finance.

We’re excited to bring our insights, network and resources to bear on a new market so that we might build a community for brand, technology, marketing and communications leaders to meet, learn and do business.

So join us for our 6th Annual business intelligence event this October 11-13!

Join the world's only energy branding platform today!

We’re the world’s only knowledge and networking platform for global energy brands. We help you gain the insights, best practices, and technologies you need to adapt to the sustainable energy transition, deregulated markets, system digitization, decarbonization and grid decentralization as branders, marketers, and communicators. 

See who we serve below – can you afford to miss out?


  • Chief Marketing Officers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Brand Strategy Leaders

  • VP Communications

  • Stakeholder Relations

  • Sales Managers

  • Account Directors

  • Chief Strategy Officers

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Investor Relations

    And many more!


  • Energy Utilities

  • Energy Retailers

  • Independent Power Producers

  • Grid Transmission & Distribution Stakeholders

  • Energy Technology Companies

  • Energy Service Producers

  • Brand Marketing Agencies

  • Major Strategic Consultancies


  • Renewable Energy Generation

  • Conventional Power

  • Transmission & Distribution

  • Market Regulation

  • New Projects & Finance

  • Nuclear Energy

  • Petrochemicals

  • Energy Trading

Why does brand strength matter in energy?

As you know, the technical challenges of energy decentralization, decarbonization, deregulation and digitalization are immense. But our success is not contingent on technological advancement alone.

If we cannot communicate effectively, tell stories that convince stakeholders to invest or shape consumer narratives that embrace change and possibility, we will be unable to accelerate through the energy transition at the speeds that we need to make a real impact.

Put plainly, the role of brand leaders, marketing strategists, communicators and content leaders has never been more critical. Our part is to sell the energy transition, to make the business case for investment, advocate for policy improvements, and bring consumers along with us. Technology needs storytelling, just as energy needs branding.

That’s why CHARGE matters.

CHARGE Energy Branding is the world’s foremost knowledge and networking platform for global energy brands. Our mission is to help energy companies leverage powerful branding to optimize their businesses, consolidate market positions and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

We achieve this by giving energy executives and industry leaders the platform they need to share the best practices they’ve developed and insights they’ve gained implementing major brand, technology and optimization projects. They share these insights because they know that by doing so, they lift standards and efficiencies industry-wide, creating new opportunities, growth markets and possibilities for themselves in turn.

What does CHARGE do?

CHARGE is the central hub for a community of brands each serving a different purpose within the energy brand, marketing, and communications industry. How can our different products help you achieve brand success through 2021 and beyond?

Charge energy branding elemental rock

CHARGE Energy Branding Events

We host high quality conferences to help energy companies take their brands to the next level. We do this by offering events to help decision makers network, learn and do business.

eBBI - Energy Branding Benchmarking Index

The only global benchmarking tool available to energy brands. Work with EBBI to KNOW your customers, MAXIMIZE your marketing ROI and LEAD your market.

CHARGE Energy Branding Logo


The CHARGE Awards celebrate excellence in branding and stimulate the discussion on brand strategy but showcasing outstanding initiatives, campaigns and marketing technology within the energy sector.

LarsEn Energy Branding

We are the world´s first brand consultancy focussed only on the energy market. Find out how we can help you connect to existing customers and grow your customer base with us now.

CHARGE works with the leading names in energy to help them increase brand efficiency, scale customers and grow their businesses

CHARGE your brand with the latest news, insights and analysis on branding, innovation, and sustainability within energy…


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Contact the team

Fridrik Larsen

Íris M. Gylfadóttir

General Manager

Kerr Jeferies

Conference Producer

Andrew York

Commercial Director

Buy the World's Best Energy Brands 2020 Report

Cases studies from finalists and winners of the World’s Best Energy Brands 2020.
Energy sector branding case studies from the best B2B Brands, Green Energy Brands, Distribution Brands, Transmission Brands, Product & Innovation Brands, Challenger Brands, Established Brands and Organisation Brands. See the best in retail energy and wholesale energy branding, distribution and transmission as well as organisation and non-profit brands.

Winners of CHARGE 2020 Awards

The 2020 edition of the CHARGE Awards was concluded September  28th with the announcement of the winning brands. 

Click here for more information about the CHARGE Awards

Welcome to Iceland

The land of renewable energy, colossal glaciers, active volcanoes, steaming hot springs and the magical Northern Lights

Platform of forward thinking leaders

We seek to explore the frontiers of energy branding and bring together hands-on experience, best practices and cases along with academic insight with the aim of highlighting the untapped potential within the energy space by putting to use world-class branding practices. 

Dr. Lawrence Jones from EEI presenting at CHARGE 2019

Inspiring presentations & interactive workshops

At CHARGE, we create a unique space of dialogue and reflection on marketing, communications and branding for the energy sector through presentations by professionals from within and around the energy space. Each track has 4-5 short presentations based on experience, research and insights. You will then have the opportunity to put your takeaways to the task via interactive workshops moderated by experts in the topics covered.

What attendees say

Three overarching themes

Branding, Green and Innovation will be at the foreground at CHARGE 2020. Each track within the themes consists of short presentations followed by panel discussions.
The branding tracks will offer hands-on experience, in-depth knowledge and guided workshops to provide participants with valuable items for their professional toolboxes and inspiration to achieve higher brand value.
The green tracks will be a platform of discussion on all things green. New energy sources, electric vehicles, sustainable solutions and behavioural change. What is the difference between sustainable and green and does it make a difference in the customer’s mind? We will find out.
We have the smart home talking to us, cars driving for us and blockchain doing its part. But beyond the buzzwords are new emerging technologies and new innovative uses of current technologies. Find out how innovation will shape the energy brand.

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