CHARGE North America

Houston, 18-19 May 2023

NOTE: Session times, content and speakers can change at the discretion of the conference organiser. Please contact natalie@charge.events if you have any questions.

Time (CTZ)

Day 1 | Thursday 18 May 2023

Registration opens.
Enjoy a cup of coffee and a light breakfast before the day begins.


Welcome address

Her Excellency Bergdís Ellertsdóttir, Ambassador of Iceland to the U.S

Bergdís Ellertsdóttir, Ambassador of Iceland to the U.S


Presentation: Ten projections for the North American energy market for 2023 and beyond

Future looking presentation unpacking the top trends shaping the North American energy market. Can you afford not to be in the know?

Jonathan Spivak, Vice President, Power & Renewables, Wood MacKenzie


The world’s great balancing act: ​​Lessons from the SLB brand transformation

From Schlumberger to SLB – Insights from one of the biggest brand transformation projects in the energy space in 2022.

Giles Powell, Director of Brand and Strategy Communications, SLB
Nick Ranger, Managing Partner, Consulting, Brandpie


What’s in your wallet?

A look at how digital transformation and Vertexone are revolutionizing the customer experience and streamlining business process optimization.

Kevin O’Neill, Retail Sales Director, VertexOne
Luc Koshy, Retail Sales Director, VertexOne


Networking coffee break


Presentation: Modern day space invaders

Who are the new kids on the block and what does it mean for the industry?

Dr Fridrik Larsen, Founder, CHARGE Energy Branding/brandr


Panel : What should big energy brands do to avoid the “Blockbuster Video” pitfall

Blockbuster’s demise is centred on the rise of Netflix, yet it made strategic errors throughout its history that caused it to have a fall from grace. How can big energy brands be resilient during the invasion of the energy space invaders with challenger brands coming through with innovative offerings? What challenges do larger companies face?

Moderator: Shannon Binns, Senior Advisor of Retail Compliance, CSM, Engie
Rik Haslam, Executive Creative Partner, Brandpie
Rob Cantrell, CEO, Atlantic Energy


Presentation: Building a brand fit for the future

Increasingly, brands are not judged by what they promise—but by what they do. And while many brands have moved from one-way to two-way conversations, there is still a focus on communications rather than on building distinct and compelling brand-led experiences that create lasting impact. As consumers and brand-building change, how does one ensure their brand is built for the future?

Katie Conway, General Manager, Siegel+Gale


Presentation: How to create a fever pitch brand

The 2022 championship win validates the Astros’ standing as one of the great baseball teams of recent history. What strategies are successful for fan engagement, brand reputation, brand innovation and revenue growth?

Anita Sehgal, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Houston Astros


Networking lunch break

1:30pm –1.55pm

Applying behavioral science to energy communications

Introduction to how behavioral science can enhance your communication strategies. A team of specialists will encourage you to apply fundamental concepts to real life examples in the energy sector.

Shirin Oreizy, Founder and CEO, Next Step

2pm – 2.15pm

Presentation: Authenticity in sustainability communications

Amidst the rise of green washing and green hushing, how can employees communicate with legitimacy, confidence and credibility?

Khyati Mehta, Sustainability Communications Leader, Baker Hughes


Panel: Communicating carbon free power



How are companies satisfying the recent spike in customers demanding a carbon free product to satisfy ESG and Scope 2 reduction goals? What are the communications challenges?

Moderator: Wesley Holmes, Chief Innovation Officer, Essence Partners
Diana Castellanos, Head of Marketing and Communications, Atlas Renewable Energy
David Leone, Senior Vice President of Retail Sales, Energy Harbor
Julia Muggeridge, Vice President of Communications and Sustainability, Electricity Canada


Presentation: Simplifying energy communications for customer impact

Energy industry professionals are often guilty of talking in acronyms and language that doesn’t always engage consumers. This interactive session will explore how marketers can communicate energy effectively with customers.

Elaine Kwok-Duncan, Senior Director of Marketing, Peak Power


Networking coffee break


Fireside chat: Intersection of electric vehicles, automobiles and the energy industry

E-mobility stakeholders, including utilities and auto manufacturers, need to understand customers’ pain points around the energy transition and define a value proposition that responds to those needs. Learn what those consumer pain points are, and how a leading utility and auto manufacturer are developing strategies to address them.

Matt Teske, Founder / CEO, Chargeway
KC Boyce, Vice President/Sector Lead, Powertrain Innovation & Energy Transformation, Escalent


Panel: How can you better understand the needs and expectations of your customers

We dive into insights of residential vs large energy consumers and discuss what it means for energy companies
What trends are residential construction companies seeing in new build homes (energy efficiency, electric vehicles, home, home solar and batteries)?
What do large energy consumers look for in an energy supply?
How can community outreach help utilities and retailers identify potential gaps in knowledge and customer perception?

Moderator: Ananda Goswami, Vice President, VXretail, VertexOne
Heather Siebken, Director, Product Development & Marketing, Omaha Public Power District
Joe Gehrdes, Director, Community Relations, Huntsville Utilities
Brittany Hirson, CEO, South Bay Energy
Matt Stasium, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Sales, Smartest Energy


Energizing Engagement: Strategies for Active Customer Participation

The workshop will explore ways to engage end customers to become active participants in shaping a modern grid to improve efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants will learn about strategies that can empower individuals to take an active role in the energy system and gain a deeper understanding of the smart grid and the benefits of engaging customers as co-creators of the modern grid.
This workshop will take place in the Heights Room.

Oleg Slyusarchuk – Sustainability expert, Global head of Product Design, ELEKS

Orest Schur – Customer success director in North America, ELEKS

Geoffrey S Lakings – Sage Strategist focused on FWE Nexus solutions and services for a sustainable future

Matt Teske – Founder & CEO at Chargeway


Elevating your data strategy and decision making to drive results

Patrick Smith, North America Managing Director, ESG Global


MC wrap up and key findings of the day

Highlights and conclusion from the day

Matt Smith, Lead Oil Analyst – Americas, Kpler


Drinks reception

Time (CTZ)

Day 2 | Friday 19 May 2023

Registration opens.
Enjoy a cup of coffee and a light breakfast before the day begins.


Debate: How will generative AI adoption and integration disrupt communications?

The launch of generative AI platforms including ChatGPT, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion,are becoming mainstream. This session will tackle the fundamental issues that AI poses to communication leaders.

  • Can AI be part of your growth marketing strategy?
  • What can AI do for your brand?
  • Sounds too good to be true? What are the down sides?

Moderator: Javier Hinojosa, Vice President, Retail Power
Jason Cieslak, President, Pacific Rim, Siegel+Gale
Will Bosanko, Strategy Partner, Brandpie


Fireside chat: Customer service excellence

A fireside chat delving into what phenomenal customer experience looks like in an energy company and how reputation is an investable asset.

Interviewer: Dr Fridrik Larsen, Founder, CHARGE Energy Branding/brandr
DeAnna Hardwick, Executive Vice President, Customer Strategy, CPS Energy


Fireside chat: Transforming energy in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Ruth Forbes is on a mission to transform energy in the Turks and Caicos Islands, by reshaping her company’s purpose, vision, and employee experience, and focusing on innovation.

Interviewer: Dr Lawrence Jones, Senior Vice President, Edison Electric Institute
Ruth Forbes, President and CEO, FortisTCI


Networking coffee break


KEYNOTE: Ukraine spotlight: How do you best support your customers in a time of war?

Inspiring insights into how DTEK are working relentlessly to keep the lights on, motivate employees and reassure Ukrainians in these unprecedented times. DTEK are recent winners of the Leif Eriksson Award, presented by CHARGE, to recognise their resilience and dedication.

Diana Kladova, Head of Communications, DTEK Grids


Panel: What does the “Innovators Dilemma” mean for the energy companies of tomorrow?

How do you evaluate whether to invest in new and immature technologies? Is there a futuristic frame of reference?
If new technologies find new customers and new markets, which may in themselves be small and insignificant (now and in the future), could they mature enough to be interesting?

Moderator: J.D. Burrows, VP of Customer Engagement & Analytics, Engie
Matt Shamburger, Managing Principal, CAPCO
Sean Kelly, CEO, Amperon
Gu Yoon Chung, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Gridspertise
Allison Neves, Senior Director of Strategy and Growth Operations, Inspire Clean Energy


Roundtables: Defining the value proposition for the technologies and energy models of the future

This future looking session presents some of the technologies, models and policies being piloted in North America and asks the CHARGE audience to work together to agree on:

  • What is the value proposition?
  • How do you pitch it to both residential and large energy consumer customers?
  • What is the key messaging to increase adoption rates?
  • How do you engage policy makers and bring them with you?

Participate in an engaging breakout session delivered in the main conference room as we take in a key executive panel, roundtables then final concluding panel. Come away with new connections and actions.

  • Part 1 (Panel 25mins)
  • Part 2 (Roundtables 25mins)
  • Part 3 (Panel 25mins)

Moderator: Young Kim, Principal, Energy Research Consulting Group
Michael Osowski, President, Gridmatic Retail
Jonathan Thompson (JT), Senior Vice President of Sales, Generac Grid Services
Tyler Lauw, Director of Demand Generation, Enchanted Rock
Gustav Beerel, Vice President Retail Services & Market Development, Customized Energy Solutions
Dominic Benadba, Global Marketing Manager, ESG Global
Patrick Smith, North America Managing Director, ESG Global


It’s a wrap!

Highlights and conclusion from CHARGE 2023

Geoffrey Abraham and Greg Veerman, Co-hosts of the The Yonder Boys Podcast


Close of conference