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Dr. Andreas Goedecke from Eleks

Focus on high quality content from diverse points of view. Absorb information by listening to exciting stories from high level speakers and put it to practice with interactive workshops and break-out sessions organised and moderated by specialists.


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CHARGE is a small and relaxed venue that provides an intimate atmosphere in a unique setting. This gives you an ideal opportunity to talk face-to-face, establish connections and get close to people who are often hard to reach

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Margaret Hartwell at CHARGE

Get key takeaways to apply to your business from brands that have broken traditional conventions and embraced energy branding. Gain a fresh perspective on branding energy companies from professionals outside the energy space.

Energy at the crossroads of new challenges

In Consumer-centric energy markets, it‘s more important than ever for the energy sector to become more agile, proactive and customer-centric than ever before. Market liberalisation has created opportunities for new entrants. Innovation, new energy sources and increased stakeholder interest in energy have radically changed the energy space for good. This has meant radical changes for the business environment of energy companies.

The importance of branding energy is more now than ever. Marketing energy has become a vital factor for other industries as well as consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the energy used to produce everyday consumer goods. Branding is the strategic philosophy that defines an enterprise and how it engages with stakeholders at any touch point.

At CHARGE, we bring together professionals, open a dialogue and learn from peers who are engaged in connecting utilities to the minds and hearts of the consumers.

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Holistic approach to the energy brand

Comprehensive coverage of all the elements that are critical to a strong and modern energy brand.


Communications are fundamental in a brand's efforts to convey its promise and inspire understanding among consumers. For a brand to be unique, it needs to communicate effectively.


Truly effective energy brands are not afraid to break the status quo. They seek out new challenges and adopt new and innovative strategies to overcome them. Strategy is not sporadic but continuous and integrated.


Sustainability is no longer a point of differentiation but a permission to play. Consumers demand responsibility to which the energy brand must respond to honestly in order to stay in the game.


Renewable, green, clean and sustainable mean different things to different people and being renewable doesn't necessarily mean being sustainable. Strong brands recognize this and how it is percieved by their customers.


Innovation doesn't have to be a new technology or originate form the R&D department. It can be any value stream extracted from the value chain. Strong energy brands seek to innovate throughout their entire chain of operations.


Branding is usually thought of as a subtopic of marketing, but in practice it is the opposite. Marketing is a means of communicating ideas, messages and other elements to stakeholders from the brand. It is the muscle to the company's brain.

Conference organiser

The conference is organised by LarsEn Energy Branding, a consultancy company focusing primarily on guiding utilities becoming brands. The conference is international but situated between North America and Europe, the two markets liberalisation and deregulation has been implemented the most the most in the last 20 years.

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