CHARGE Awards 2022

The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2022 celebrate the best brands and professionals across the global energy market.

Major categories for 2022!

Leveraging a combination of empirical measurements, independent qualitative analysis and academically verified benchmarking formula, we’re on the hunt again to find the best of the best.

Are you keen to showcase your business, brand and successes over the past twelve months? Then select a category below to start the nomination process!

If you have any questions about the process, timelines or categories, please do not hesitate to contact us directly using awards@charge.events.

Why do the CHARGE Energy Branding Awards matter?

The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2022 celebrate the best brands and professionals across the global energy market.

Leveraging a combination of empirical measurements, independent qualitative analysis and academically verified benchmarking formulae, we’re on the hunt again to find the best of the best.

We’ve been proud to showcase the very best the energy industry has to offer for the past five years. Previous winners include OVO, Zeigo, Goiener, Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen and IEA!

Do you have what it takes to join them and get crowned as the World’s Best Energy Brand this year?

What is the nomination process?

Recognition by the CHARGE awards involves a simple 5-step process. If you have any questions about the process, timelines or categories, please do not hesitate to contact us directly using awards@charge.events.

1. Nominations

The first step of our process is to gather nominations from our panel of expert judges and the wider energy industry… remember, we’re looking for the best of the best!

2. Screening

After receiving all nominations we will screen and verify all entries to ensure we have the strongest possible line up of nominees in each category. Then, in consultation with our expert judging panel, we will reach out to the shortlisted companies in each category advising them of next steps.

3. Case Study

Once a company has been shortlisted, you will receive support from the CHARGE team to develop your companies complete case study. The case study must be ready for review by the judging panel by September 1stat the latest.

4. Brand Evaluation by the brands’ customers

In addition to the judges review of your case study, we will conduct a brand survey with your customers using our proprietary eBBI tool. Note that this step is only applicable to brands nominated in the Best Energy Brand, Best Green Brand and Best Challenger Brand categories.

5. Brand Evaluation by our Panel

Once we have your case study, we will send it to be reviewed by our panel of expert judges. At this stage, the panel will rate submissions based on our academically defined criteria to rank each category entry.

6. Finalists announced

Once complete, we’ll use our academically verified formula to combine the scores from our judges with your eBBI brand health score. Next we announce the 3-5 finalists in each category ahead of the main awards event!

7. Winners crowned

The CHARGE Awards Ceremony will take place on stage at the world-leading CHARGE Europe conference & exhibition.

Who is on the expert judging panel for 2022?

Our panel of judges hold senior and influential positions from right across the energy industry. Over the past few year’s they’ve helped us recognise the best of the best, including Statkraft, OVO, Alperia, Lition, Celsia, Electric Kiwi, Nilsson Energy, Entelios, Propel, SINTEF and many more!

TRONN SKJERSTAD – Analysis Mason
ANDERS LIER – Energi.ai, Propell Group

THOM KENNON – Free Radicals
CRAIG TROPEA – CES, Customized Energy Solutions

BRANDON BUTLER – Roeslein Alternative Energy
PRAMOD PALIWALP – D Petroleum University
RUNE KIRT – Kirt & Thomsen
COLIN MANGHAM – Dailybrandgroup
WILL CADY – Reddit
JANINE FINNELL – Leaders in Energy
MARTIN STADLER – Selbstständig

What are the major categories for 2022?

The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2022 celebrate the best brands and professionals across the global energy market.

World’s Best Energy Brand

For exciting companies that have delivered stand-out brand initiatives through 2020-21 and deserve to be recognized by their peers as brand and marketing trailblazers.

Most importantly for this category, finalists will be able to demonstrate that their brands have delivered a real, tangible impact for their businesses, either as educators or in capitalizing on new growth opportunities.

Nominees will be able to showcase that their brand strategies have been translated into actionable and impactful campaigns over the past twelve months, either internally or externally.

NOTE: Entrants for this award are limited to IPPs, Utilities, Retailers, TSO’s and DSOs.

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World’s Best Green Brand

finalists for this award will be companies who have achieved or made significant strides towards achieving their sustainability goals. They will have delivered impactful initiatives or campaigns that will be influential through the sustainable energy transition. The winning company may have created new systems, products or solutions to help customers through the sustainable energy transition or have successfully partnered with another company to deliver a value-adding green project worthy of international recognition by their peers.

This category will highlight the value of branding as a critical tool in communicating innovation and the value of green technology or products.

In this category, we want to shine a light on the brands that have thought differently and done differently to communicate better, influence behaviour, and shape attitudes around greening the energy grid this past year. Finalists might have developed compelling green retail products, incentive programs or major infrastructure investments around electrification of transport, heat, industry, and so much more.

NOTE: Entrants for this category must be from companies responding to the generation, distribution or sale of energy to businesses and/or residential consumers. If you have any questions about your eligibility for this, or any category, simply contact awards@charge.events.

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World’s Best Challenger Brand

For disruptive market entrants leveraging new technologies and ideas to transform the status quo. This category looks for true energy technology innovators who have leveraged cutting-edge solutions to empower their customers. What’s more, we’re hunting for companies that are developing the innovations needed to deliver and scale up the energy transition.

NOTE: Entrants for this award are limited to IPPs, Utilities, Retailers, EnTech’s, TSO’s, DSOs or community renewable project leaders.

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World’s Best Hydrogen Brand

Hydrogen stands to play a major role in the decarbonization not just of transport, but also of industrial heat and processes. That said, the scaling of hydrogen solutions and technologies at the speeds and intensity needed will be difficult if the right policy, investment, and regulatory frameworks are not in place.

Branding, communications, and marketing will be critical to making the case for hydrogen, and this award seeks to recognize the efforts of organizations who are leading the way. 

Finalists in this award will be businesses that are taking responsibility for education, lobbying and infrastructure development in the use of clean hydrogen fuels and technology in the future of the energy grid. We’re keen to highlight transformative projects, pilots and impactful campaigns that have helped to demonstrate the value of clean hydrogen, shaped the policy vision and educated major stakeholders through this critical phase of the energy transition.

NOTE: This category is open to all organizations involved in the clean hydrogen supply chain. Nominees could be technology providers, grid companies, utilities, transport infrastructure companies, PR agencies or more. If you have any questions about your eligibility for this, or any category, simply contact awards@charge.events.

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Energy Advocates of the Year

This award shines a spotlight on the great work of supporting organizations and advocacy groups across of the energy industry. We’re especially interested in showcasing how these organizations have leveraged their influence and reputations to effect invaluable positive change, policy direction or with their members and industries over the past year. 

In this category, we are particularly looking to reward campaigns, projects or efforts by supporting organizations that have helped to build support for grid investment, influenced policy change or delivered impactful public awareness campaigns that will be influential as we progress to the next stage of the global energy transition.

NOTE: This category is open to organizations, associations, advocates, non-profits, and trade bodies that have delivered impactful campaigns and initiatives over the past twelve months. If you have any questions about your eligibility for this, or any category, simply contact awards@charge.events.

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B2B Energy Innovators of the Year

This unique category is open to brands right across the energy value chain. Finalists will have taken a unique leadership role in shaping the energy transition, customer experiences and grid digitalization over the past twelve months. Companies that make the final shortlist will be able to show how projects, technologies, and campaigns they have delivered have been impactful, innovative, and have showcased radical new solutions or opportunities for the energy industry.

B2B companies are often overlooked for recognition, but finalists in this award will have the platform to show to the global energy community how they have made a real difference.

We are particularly keen to see new products, solutions and brand campaigns that have shown new ways to think differently and do differently about the future of energy. Successful finalists will be able to show how they have taken leadership roles in shaping the narrative and brand identity of the energy transition.

NOTE: This award is not open for IPPs, Utilities, Retailers, TSO’s or DSO’s. Instead, this award is exclusive to B2B solution/service providers further down the energy value chain. If you have any questions about your eligibility for this, or any category, simply contact awards@charge.events.

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The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2021 celebrate the best brands and professionals from across the global energy market. We’re delighted to announce the finalists for this year, all of whom, will submit detailed case studies for review by our expert judging panel.

Winners from each category will be invited to showcase their case studies in executive presentations at CHARGE Energy Branding Europe 2021 (Oct 11-13). To gain access to the presentations and case studies, simply register for the event here now >>>

World’s Best Energy Brand

World’s Best Green Brand

Volue is a market leader in technologies and services that power the green transition. Based on 50 years of experience, Volue provides innovative solutions, systems and insights to industries critical to society. 

Over 650 employees work with more than 2000 customers on energy, power grid, water and infrastructure projects that ensure a sustainable, flexible and reliable future. 

The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and active in 40+ countries. Volue’s purpose is to realise the green transition.

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DTEK Renewables is the largest investor in the Ukrainian RES sector.

The company has constructed some of the largest wind and solar power facilities in Europe. Our partners in the decarbonisation of the Ukrainian energy sector are the world’s best equipment producers as well as leading construction and financial companies.

As a result of close cooperation with these businesses, we have acquired unique experience and become experts at all production stages, from the development of RES projects and timely plant construction to operating WPPs and SPPs in line with international quality standards. Correspondingly, in 2019, the company successfully issued green Eurobonds worth €325 mln with a five-year term.

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GoiEner is a cooperative project for the generation and consumption of renewable energy with which they want to recover energy sovereignty.

GoiEner wants to regain energy sovereignty for citizens by entering the currently liberalized parts of the electricity sector, commercialization (purchase of energy) and generation (generation of energy).

 The parts of transport (high voltage in the hands of REE) and distribution (medium and low voltage in the hands of large companies) continue to be regulated.

Being a non-profit cooperative, all the benefits that are obtained through the commercialization of electricity (green) among its members, revert back to the cooperative, and the members themselves decide in assembly to what to allocate those benefits. In turn, members may invest in renewable generation projects whose production will be consumed by the cooperative itself. The ultimate goal will be that the amount of energy generated by the cooperative is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed by its members. All this through renewable energy and with the most rational and efficient consumption possible.

GoiEner understands cooperatives as local entities that promote an economy close to their environment. That is why, although it can market on a peninsular level, it will focus preferably on Euskadi and Navarra, although it will help promote local cooperatives throughout the state.

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Haugaland Kraft was established in 1998 by Haugesund Energi and Karmsund Kraftlag merged. Haugaland Kraft’s main activity is in the distribution of power, electricity sales and broadband services. The company also holds stakes Sunnhordland Kraftlag AS engaged in renewable energy, mainly in hydropower generation. Following a restructuring of the business in 2015, the company was organized as a group from 1 January 2016.

They are investing heavily in new services. They have a new service that allows you to store solar energy in “the cloud”. You can produce solar energy in the summer when its cheap, store it in the cloud/battery, and use it during the winter when it is expensive.

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Mer is a European EV charging company owned by Statkraft. Through their extensive experience within renewable energy and electric mobility, they are combining the best of both worlds to power the European shift towards a purer way of transportation. 

They are active in Norway, Sweden, UK and Germany. They have charging stations all over Norway and now are focusing on becoming a utility company.

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World’s Best hydrogen Brand

Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen (CRH) is an Australian company with a focus on originating renewable hydrogen production opportunities. It coordinates the development of projects with support from expert consultants in engineering, modelling, technology, environmental impact, grant funding, legal and financial services, and project partners.

Everfuel is making green hydrogen for zero emission mobility commercially available across Europe, offering competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply- and fuelling solutions.They own and operate green hydrogen infrastructure and partner with vehicle OEMs to connect the entire hydrogen value chain and seamlessly provide hydrogen fuel to enterprise customers under long-term contracts. 

They are a young ambitious company, headquartered in Herning, Denmark, and with activities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and a plan to grow across Europe.

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Energy Advocates of the Year

The IEA is the global energy authority, providing data, analysis and solutions on all fuels and all technologies. They help governments, industry, and citizens make good energy choices.

Supercritical geothermal offers vast energy potential that, if proven to be viable (technically, financially, environmentally and socially) could transform the renewable energy supply status quo. But this technology is immature – a lot is unknown.

They have initiated a campaign to share ideas, grow awareness and build a business case for future investment. In order to realise supercritical geothermal energy, they need people to embrace it.  

‘Geothermal: the next generation‘ will address geological, geochemical and technological challenges unknown in conventional geothermal use. The team, combining expert geophysicists, geologists, experimental geochemists, modellers and strategic advisors, will investigate New Zealand’s supercritical conditions and learn from international experiences.

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At Energy Cluster Denmark, they work with innovation across the entire energy sector. From energy production and energy infrastructure to energy storage and energy efficiency – with sector coupling, system integration and digitalisation as common denominators.

Their vision is for Denmark to be a leading green nation in the development and demonstration of innovative and global energy solutions. Therefore, Energy Cluster Denmark is a neutral, value-creating and member-driven innovation platform for establishing and facilitating innovation collaborations between small and large companies, knowledge institutions and public players throughout the energy sector.

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B2B Energy Innovators of the Year

Zeigo is a climate-tech platform enabling businesses to quickly, easily and cost-effectively source clean energy directly from wind and solar farms. They use data and advanced analytics to perfectly match your business objectives with a network of renewable energy projects across the UK and Europe.

They streamline the power purchase agreement (PPA) process while providing market intelligence, data and financial information on each project.

  • Creating a marketplace for power purchase agreements
  • Simplifying the process of signing a power purchase agreement between a company and utility
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DTEK is the largest private investor in Ukraine’s energy sector.

DTEK Group generates electricity at thermal, solar and wind power plants, produces coal and natural gas, distributes electricity, supplies electricity to end consumers, provides energy efficient solutions and develops a network of EV charging stations.

DTEK follows the principles of sustainable development and is party the UN Global Compact.

As a responsible business, DTEK has integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals into its ESG strategy.

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Established in 1998, Customized Energy Solutions (CES) provides consulting services to help clients understand, navigate, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving changes in the wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas markets.  

Additionally, CES delivers software solutions and functional support services to optimize operations, improve communications, and maximize client’s revenue goals.
Unlike most consulting companies, CES assists clients throughout the entire process – from the active management of assets to market feasibility studies and financial analysis, to implementing solutions and emerging technologies focused on advancing the mission of the client. CES serves over 400 customers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and India, helping them bring innovative energy solutions to fruition. A recent example of this is the integral role CES’s software solutions and consulting services played in implementing a new Frequency Regulation Pilot program in New England, enabling a network of residential battery systems to share stored energy with ISO-NE as needed to keep the regional grid balanced.

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Norway has a long history in the energy sector and is a world leader in energy demand management. Oil has enriched Norway, and hydropower has been key to development.

The country invests heavily in renewable energy markets such as hydro, wind and solar power.

Renewable energy is seen as a critical resource for improving living standards while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It is clear that lacking access to energy continues to stand in the way of global development. With the competence and experience to make the most of available energy resources, Norway naturally has become a leader in developing, delivering and managing smart solutions for efficient energy utilization. This is where CURRENT comes in.

The initial concept for the SmartCharge product was conceived in 2011, and it soon became the core for developing the world’s best solution for charging electric vehicles. Over the next few years, the company was built by the best and brightest people – with one goal in mind: to create the best management system for EV charging.

CURRENT is now a leading company in Europe in the field of electric charge management systems. Our vision is to build on the momentum and become a global leader in control systems for charging any electric means of transportation. We are the future of e-mobility.

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For around 30 years, Solarwatt has stood for high-quality photovoltaic products made in Germany. No they are considered an experienced pioneer in the energy industry. Now Solarwatt are once again taking on the pioneering role and is completely repositioning is tself with a new brand identity, additional services and expanded sales channels.


With the new Solarwatt brand identity, the company have not only created a new communicative and visual identity, but also makes a promise to its customers: Solarwatt is the reliable, lifelong companion for people who want to supply themselves with clean energy and use heat and mobility sustainably. The new slogan “powering a better tomorrow” underpins this claim and shows that Solarwatt wants to play an active role in shaping the energy transition.

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The CHARGE Awards

The purpose of the CHARGE awards is to increase awareness and highlight the importance of excellent branding in the rapidly changing energy sector.  We do this by showcasing and honouring companies, and the people behind them, that have distinguished themselves with outstanding branding and communications work.

The CHARGE Awards are the first and only of its kind to recognize and award great branding within the energy space. Behind the awards is an international panel of experts within energy, marketing and communications that nominate the best brands each year. The panel further reviews the case studies that nominees submit. 

The winners are announced at the CHARGE Awards Ceremony which takes place at the CHARGE Conference in Reykjavík October 17-18th. Following inspiring discussions during the first day of CHARGE, energy professionals from around the world gather for a unique gala dinner and celebrate the world’s best energy brands.

Download our introductory brochure for more information.

What makes a great energy brand?

A great energy brand stands out from the competition and is unique in the eyes of the consumers. It understands its customers and inspires loyalty. A great energy brand knows how to communicate its meaning and can effectively differentiate itself from the competition

Access to case studies

All nominated brands hand in a case study for review. The case study is a comprehensive document that outlines their uniqueness, segmentation, customer centricity and  other critical parts of a strong brand. 

The case studies can be purchased from the conference organizer, LarsEn Energy Branding, by clicking the button below.