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The world's best energy brands in 10 categories to be recognized in September 2020

The CHARGE awards celebrate excellence in branding and aim to stimulate the discussion on brand strategy by acknowledging and showcasing outstanding branding initiatives within the energy sector. 

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World's Best Energy Brands 2020 Panel

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Cases studies from finalists and winners of the World’s Best Energy Brands 2020.
Energy sector branding case studies from the best B2B Brands, Green Energy Brands, Distribution Brands, Transmission Brands, Product & Innovation Brands, Challenger Brands, Established Brands and Organisation Brands. See the best in retail energy and wholesale energy branding, distribution and transmission as well as organisation and non-profit brands.

Finalists in 2020

The CHARGE Awards

The purpose of the CHARGE awards is to increase awareness and highlight the importance of excellent branding in the rapidly changing energy sector.  We do this by showcasing and honouring companies, and the people behind them, that have distinguished themselves with outstanding branding and communications work.

The CHARGE Awards are the first and only of its kind to recognize and award great branding within the energy space. Behind the awards is an international panel of experts within energy, marketing and communications that nominate the best brands each year. The panel further reviews the case studies that nominees submit. 

The winners are announced at the CHARGE Awards Ceremony on 29th of September. Following inspiring discussions during the first day of CHARGE, energy professionals from around the world gather for a unique gala dinner and celebrate the world’s best energy brands.

What makes a great energy brand?

A great energy brand stands out from the competition and is unique in the eyes of the consumers. It understands its customers and inspires loyalty. A great energy brand knows how to communicate its meaning and can effectively differentiate itself from the competition

Access to case studies

All nominated brands hand in a case study for review. The case study is a comprehensive document that outlines their uniqueness, segmentation, customer centricity and  other critical parts of a strong brand. 

The case studies can be purchased from the conference organizer, LarsEn Energy Branding, by clicking the button below.

The selection process

December 2019

1. Suggestions

The first step of the process is to gather suggestions for nominations from the global CHARGE community and the expert panel

December 2019

January 2020

2. Screening

The panel meets, discusses the suggested nominations and prepares a shortlist of distinguished brands

January 2020

February 2020

3. Outreach

We reach out to the qualifying brands and offer participation

February 2020

February - May 2020

4. Brand evaluation by the brands’ customers

A survey is sent out to the customers of a brand being evaluated to measure how it is perceived by its customers

February - May 2020

June 2020

5. Brand evaluation by the panel of experts

Next, the panel of experts will determine how well the brand and the brand strategy is define by reviewing case study submissions

June 2020

July 2020

6. Finalists announced

After reviewing and rating the submissions we will announce the finalists in each category.  There will be 3-5 finalists in each category, based on quality of submissions

July 2020

28 September 2020

7. Winners crowned

The CHARGE Awards Ceremony will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland, as part of the CHARGE conference

28 September 2020

Awards categories

In September, we will award the World's Best Brands in 10 different categories


Energy companies that can be traced back to before the liberalisation of markets. Companies in this category can be brands operating in markets that have not been liberalised, brands that have been operating before liberalisation or were created following liberalisation.


Energy brands that have entered the market since market reforms. These brands have it in common that most their customers have been gained through their marketing activities. This category does not exclude brands that are owned by big players.


Putting the spotlight on brands that further and spread public knowledge on energy and create enthusiasm for the energy sector. We are looking for the best brands in energy among associations, non-profits, academia and institutions.


Brands that generate energy and supply it to businesses who require energy on a large scale for their operations. The focus of their branding, communication and image building is thus towards other businesses rather than individuals


Energy brands that use green or sustainability positioning as their main point of differentiation


Transmission system operators that have done an outstanding branding work.


Distribution system operators that have shown outstanding branding work


Brands that focus on the production, distribution or supply of gas.

Products & Innovation

Consumer products that are related to energy. These can be brands that provide tangible products or even software brands.


Brands that provide hydrogen or provide solutions related to hydrogen.

The CHARGE Awards international panel of experts

The CHARGE Awards Panel consists of professionals with a broad knowledge of the global energy sector, as well as insights into how brands connect with consumers. They come from academia, consultancies, associations, solution providers and marketing and advertising firms. The role of the panel is first to create a shortlist of brands in six categories that have the possibility of becoming finalists for the World’s Best Energy Brands. Finalists are between three to five in each category. The panel will then judge finalists based on cases they turn in for submission.

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