CHARGE meets Matthew Shamburger, Managing Principal of CAPCO

As we approach CHARGE North America (18-19 May), we’ve been asking our top speakers and partners to reveal their approach to branding in energy. In this article, we speak to Matthew Shamburger, Managing Principal of CAPCO

  1. What emerging technologies are you seeing in the green/clean/ESG space?  And what does this mean for the energy sector? 

Distributed Energy Resource management technologies, essentially DER SCADA, are a critical aspect of managing individual resources as well as being able to aggregate and orchestrate groups of resources as if they were a large virtual asset.  For the energy sector, being able to operate the large virtual asset as an energy or ancillary services unit will be a factor in displacing reliance on carbon-based energy sources.

  1. What innovations do you predict will have the biggest impact on the power sector in the next 30 years?

Storage.  Petroleum conceptually has been storing the sun’s energy for millions of years.  Developing cost effective energy storage will have the biggest impact on harnessing renewable generation.  EVs, microgrids, and virtual power plants are leveraging existing and emerging technologies to be one of the largest areas of innovation in the energy storage sector.

  1. What possibilities do changing consumer preferences provide to energy companies and what can they do around renewables, distributed generation and EV-adoption to meet their needs?

Energy companies and the industry collectively are key to changing consumer preferences.  By functioning as energy advisors to consumers, there is an opportunity to drive change through educating consumers about the interaction of renewable supply, EV usefulness, and options for contributing to distributed generation.  Broadening the conscious consumer base from pure environmental concerns to include those with personal realization of benefits from the energy transition.

  1. What advice would you leave brand and marketing leaders going into 2023/24?

 While most consumers may still be driven by bottom line pricing, continue to promote products and services to foster the consumer adoption of the energy transition.

Capco possesses deep domain experience in the wholesale and retail power markets, including supporting clients with strategy, design, and development of technology solutions to better manage information, operations, transactions, and risks.

Matthew Shamburger | LinkedIn