Nominations 2023

The best energy brands in the world will be awarded in October 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

The awards measure and evaluate energy brands with a process that build on academic and professional knowledge on branding.

What are the major categories for 2023?

The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2023 celebrate the best brands and professionals across the global energy market.

The World’s Best Established Brand

This award recognizes companies that have delivered stand-out brand initiatives through 2022-23 and deserve to be recognized by their peers as brand and marketing trailblazers. 

Most importantly for this category, finalists will be able to demonstrate that their brands have delivered a real, tangible impact for their businesses, either as educators or in capitalizing on new growth opportunities.

Nominees will be able to showcase that their brand strategies have been translated into actionable and impactful campaigns over the past twelve months, either internally or externally. 

NOTE: Entrants for this award are limited to IPPs, Utilities, Retailers, EnTechs, TSOs, DSOs or even community renewable project leaders.  Established brands are energy suppliers that can be traced back to before the liberalisation of markets or can be considered as established brands in their markets

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The World’s Best Challenger Brand

This award is for disruptive market entrants leveraging new technologies and/or ideas to transform the status quo. This category looks for true energy innovators who have leveraged cutting-edge solutions to empower their customers. What’s more, we’re hunting for companies that are developing the innovations needed to deliver and scale up the energy transition.  

NOTE: Companies considered for this award include those younger than five years old or who have entered a new geographic market in the past 12-months. Further, entrants for this award are limited to IPPs, Utilities, Retailers, EnTechs, TSOs, DSOs or community renewable project leaders.

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The World’s Best Green Brand

Finalists for this award will be companies who have achieved or made significant strides towards achieving their sustainability goals. They will have delivered impactful initiatives or campaigns that will be influential through the sustainable energy transition. The winning company may have created new systems, products or solutions to help customers through the sustainable energy transition or have successfully partnered with another company to deliver a value-adding green project worthy of international recognition by their peers. This category will highlight the value of branding as a critical tool in communicating innovation and the value of green technology or products.

In this category we want to shine a light on the brands that are accelerating the energy transition byt breaking societal resistance to change, developing green retail products, introducing incentive programs or making major infrastructure investments around electrification of transport, heat, industry, and so much more. 

NOTE: Entrants for this category must be from companies responding to the generation, distribution or sale of energy to businesses and/or residential consumers.

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Organisation of the Year

This award shines a spotlight on the great work of supporting organizations and advocacy groups across the energy industry. We’re especially interested in showcasing how these organizations have leveraged their influence and reputations to effect invaluable positive change, policy direction or with their members and industries over the past year.

In this category, we are particularly looking to reward campaigns, projects or efforts by supporting organizations that have helped to build support for grid investment, influenced policy change or delivered impactful public awareness campaigns that will be influential as we progress to the next stage of the global energy transition. 


NOTE: This category is open to NGOs, associations, advocates, non-profits, and trade bodies that have delivered impactful campaigns and initiatives over the past twelve months

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B2B Energy Innovator of the Year

This unique category is open to brands right across the energy value chain. Finalists will have taken a unique leadership role in shaping the energy transition, customer experiences and/or grid digitalization over the past twelve months. Companies that make the final shortlist will be able to show how projects, technologies, and campaigns they have delivered have been impactful, innovative, and have showcased radical new solutions or opportunities for the energy industry. 

B2B companies are often overlooked for recognition, but finalists in this award will have the platform to show to the global energy community how they have made a real difference.
We are particularly keen to see new products, solutions and brand campaigns that have shown new ways to think differently and do differently about the future of energy. Successful finalists will be able to show how they have taken leadership roles in shaping the narrative and brand identity of the energy transition. 

NOTE: This award is not open for IPPs, Utilities, Retailers, TSOs or DSOs. Instead, this award is exclusive to B2B solution/service providers further down the energy value chain

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Rising Stars in Energy Branding

This category recognises the extraordinary achievements of 10 young individuals aged under 35 years old in the energy branding space.  Young people are vital agents of change and future leaders, so we celebrate their strategic and analytical thinking, encourage how they work in a team and support their creative ideas.


We are particularly keen to see finalists with strong leadership qualities, who are shaping the current narrative. 

NOTE: This award is open to under 35s (entrants must be born before 30/09/1988)  in communication and branding positions.

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Nomination for the Charge Awards 2023

Are you keen to showcase your business, brand and successes over the past twelve months? Then nominate the brands that should participate in the Charge Awards 2023!

The CHARGE Awards

The purpose of the CHARGE awards is to increase awareness and highlight the importance of excellent branding in the rapidly changing energy sector.  We do this by showcasing and honouring companies, and the people behind them, that have distinguished themselves with outstanding branding and communications work.

The CHARGE Awards are the first and only of its kind to recognize and award great branding within the energy space. Behind the awards is an international panel of experts within energy, marketing and communications that nominate the best brands each year. The panel further reviews the case studies that nominees submit. 

The winners are announced at CHARGE Europe, in October 2023, in Berlin. Following inspiring discussions during the first day of CHARGE, energy professionals from around the world gather for a unique gala dinner and celebrate the world’s best energy brands.

What makes a great energy brand?

A great energy brand stands out from the competition and is unique in the eyes of the consumers. It understands its customers and inspires loyalty. A great energy brand knows how to communicate its meaning and can effectively differentiate itself from the competition

Access to case studies

All nominated brands hand in a case study for review. The case study is a comprehensive document that outlines their uniqueness, segmentation, customer centricity and  other critical parts of a strong brand. 

The case studies can be purchased from the conference organizer, LarsEn Energy Branding, by clicking the button below.