Schedule – CHARGE Energy Conference

Programme Schedule

5 Tracks, 4 Interactive Workshops, 3 Keynotes,
Awards Ceremony, Academic Symposium & Networking Excursion

CHARGE 2020 tracks

A better world through marketing

The push for renewables is coming. But the communication can often become confusing. The discussion will focus on how marketing and communication can achieve great results for sustainability.


The key to a strong brand is an effective and a memorable story. People connect to stories and they are willing to tell the story to other people. Learn how to make your brand become a salient construct that connects to strong emotions.

Sustainable business

During a keynote, you will hear about sustainable business and what best practices aid energy brands in meeting the triple bottom line. 

Awards finalist acknowledged and
Q&A session

Finalists for the CHARGE Awards and contenders for the title of the World’s Best Energy Brands will be introduced to the audience. This will be followed, on Tuesday, with a session with the winners. The discussions will be moderated on stage but the questions are asked by the audience

Branding and comms takeaways form energy and other sectors

Best practices and key learnings on how brands in other sectors are communicating and raising the bar in customer service. Take a journey with us outside the energy box for ideas and inspiration.

Solutions from the 100% sustainable country

Learn how Iceland has become a global leader in terms of renewable energy and get key takeaways in harnessing sustainable resources.

Transportation 2030

This decade will be see changes in how the global transport system is powered. Take a peak 10 years ahead and see what the future holds and what is possible for maritime, land and air transport.


Prepare for being amazed in the crazed onstage fanfare – mezmerised, hypnotized and surprised. Both dramatic and ecstatic – the POW! session will be something you would not see at the run of the mill energy event.

The fight for talent

The best brands attract the best people. There is a talent war going on and your brand is both your defense and offense tactic. Brands are not only to help consumers decide between different service offerings but help talent to choose their career path.

Special break-out sessions

Following a quick survey,  we will go into engagement and knowledge top-up. The audience will be devided into 6 workgroups that will dive deeper into a subjects catered to their interest. After 50 minutes , the groups will get a new topic to explore. Examples of subjects are…

Sci-fi thinking

The cellphone, sliding doors and countless innovations were inspired by science fiction. Learn how to solve the challenges of today by going back to the future.

Brand activism

Positioning is no longer enough - customers are looking for brands that have similar attitudes, affinities and can take a stand. But how can corporate entities become credible fighters for a cause? Get key learnings from brands such as The Body Shop, Ben&Jerry and Patagonia.

Customer data

Big data is here. Innovative marketers and anyone willing to learn and listen to customers have bigger opportunities to make their messaging more effective in reaching the right people at the right time. But how can you get the right data, what should you be looking for and how do you make sense of it all?

Energy as a branded ingredient

A branded commodity can add value into both consumer and corporate products. Learn how you can make the energy you produce or use as a value adding ingredient in the mind of your customers.

Brand building on social media

Learn how to identify the right voice for your brand on Social Media. Figure out which channels are correct for the brand and in what ways the brand can behave on different channels. Craft an effective communication strategy for your brands online presence.

Sending a clean message

Energy brands often find it challenging to communicate their efforts to make a cleaner future possible. It is not enough to change the powersource or help customers making more sustainble choices - the communication has to be made in a credible manner that is trusted by the audience.

Harpa conference centre

Harpa is one of Reykjavik‘s greatest and distinguished landmarks. It is a cultural and social centre in the heart of the city and features stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the North Atlantic Ocean. Harpa is an enchanting destination for intrigued travellers and its grand-scale award-winning architecture has attracted 4 million guests since its opening on May 4, 2011.

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