Joao Duarte – Faces of CHARGE – CHARGE Energy Conference

João Duarte

Head Of Communications Global Infrastructure and Networks at Enel Group

The Enel Group operates in more than 30 countries, bringing energy to people through the adoption of new sustainability-oriented technologies.

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Why are you attending CHARGE?
I’ve had the privilege to discuss the concept of CHARGE with Fridrik a few years ago when he was deciding to put this together. Enel was nominated as a Best Brand the first time, and now Enel is being nominated again in a different category with Enel Foundation, so I’m happy to be here, finally.
Enel Foundation is supporting the organization of CHARGE. We have entered into a knowledge partnership to continuously bring the latest research that we have, just like we talked a lot today about facts and research we have developed. So we are one of the partners of CHARGE that will help in the future to have more scientific based discussions in these events.

What does the future of energy look like?
I don’t know if there is a right direction [movement of the industry] and I don’t even know if there is only one direction, but there are different movements and definitely the transition towards renewables on the generation side, so abandoning fossil fuels, as a way to generate electricity and going towards net-zero emissions. The other trend is electrification. The Minister of Environment was saying today that you have low emissions electricity production, almost 100% renewable, but you also need to electrify other sectors in the economy like transport and other industries that still use fossil fuels. So that’s another important trend.
Overall, I think the other big transformation is getting a much closer relationship with the customer, given the digitalization that the sector is undergoing, the fact that people now have more control over their energy. I mean, when we say people, not just residential customers, but also industrial customers. And finally, I would say, energy will be transversal to many sectors in a much more decisive way than it was in the past. That’s another element I would factor in discussing the future of energy.

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