Kevin O’Donovan – Faces of CHARGE – CHARGE Energy Conference

Kevin O'Donovan

Founder of A Bit of This & That...

Being a bit of a storyteller, Kevin has been evangelizing how new technologies can transform the way we do things through-out his career. Kevin has a proven track record of ‘bridging the gap’ between the capabilities a new technology can bring and the practicalities of bringing that technology to market.
Kevin is the founder of the boutique technology consultancy company, A Bit of This & That … focused on the intersection of technology and the Energy Industry, delivering innovative technology consultations, sales advisory, speaker & B2B Influencer services.

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Tell us about your background and why you are here at CHARGE?
This is my second time here attending CHARGE. Now I spend my time looking at technologies used across the Energy Industry. And as cool as technology is, here at CHARGE, the question is, well, how do we brand that? How do we convey the value this technology brings to customers in a way that makes sense to them.
Technology is just an enabler and across the industry, we are guilty at times of promoting a technology that can be seen as a ”solution looking for a problem”. CHARGE forces you to look at technology from a different perspective. So, I find the entire CHARGE concept refreshing and it can be a bit of an eye-opener.

What do you think of the programme?
The programme here is different to any other I have ever come across. Let’s face it, Energy companies cannot afford to invest in new technology just for the sake of the technology. You have to be able to articulate what actual value any given technology is going to bring to the company, what competitive advantage is this going to bring to you, how can I articulate this internally and externally?, how can this support my ‘brand’ etc.
Here at CHARGE, you cannot go off and ‘hide’ in your own discipline to avoid answering these questions. Whether you are a techie, a CxO, in Sales, in Marketing, in Branding etc, you are all in the same room looking to answer these questions together. Everyone gets pushed outside their conform zone. It gives you a whole new set of perspectives. It’s refreshing, fun, and extremely valuable.

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