Margaret Hartwell – Faces of CHARGE – CHARGE Energy Conference

Margaret Hartwell

Stategist, Coach and Facilitator at ArchetypeIQ

Margaret Hartwell is a strategist, facilitator, designer, writer, mindset coach, and culture junkie. As a Silicon Valley native, she learned to think in systems, strategies, and surprises, to create in metaphor, experiences, and technology, and to relate with empathy and curiosity.

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How have you liked Iceland so far?
Iceland is absolutely incredible. Yesterday I got to go on a South Coast tour and hiked on a glacier. It was very moving. Just to be able to stand on the glacier and see the demarcations of where it had once been was very emotional for me. I also went to the museum and walked around the sculpture garden. So, it’s been lovely.

Why did you choose to go into the energy business?
I consult in a range of industries, but the energy sector is one very near to my heart. I did my MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School. That’s when I realized I had a role to play in helping to grow the renewable energy sector through a brand and innovation lens. The workshop I’m doing here is about using design thinking and archetypes in branding, hopefully adding to the branding toolkit that is so rich here at CHARGE. 

What does the future of energy look like?
The future of energy is really about the future of our planet, whether we’re on it or not. I mean, everything is connected, we’re all connected. I think we seem to keep forgetting that. So many of the adaptations we do are artificial, you know, “heat, beat and treat”, and generally self-serving, without considering that we are just one part of a magnificent system. But our power to adapt means we also have the ability to radically change our priorities. We need to work to reach a tipping point where enough people see, and feel, sustainability as a desirable way of living. Hopefully, it will play out like the hundredth monkey effect where a new behavior or idea spreads from a small group to all groups.

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