Martin Stadler – Faces of CHARGE – CHARGE Energy Conference

Martin Stadler

Digital Brand Strategist

Martin is a branding expert with more than 15 years of experience in consulting global brands as well as SMEs and digital ventures alike. His career path includes leading positions at international consultancies Interbrand and Edenspiekermann. In his experience, only the brands that are human-centered, are the ones that are successful in the long run. Business follows meaning, not vice versa. His firm believe is that everyone of us holds the power to fuel positive change. As an independent consultant, he focuses on projects that foster sustainable developments on business, social and ecological levels. “Because we indeed have no planet B. It’s as simple as that.“

Connect with Martin Stadler

Why did you choose to attend CHARGE?
I have been looking around for quite some time for an event centered around energy branding. CHARGE drew my attention in 2016 because it was the first event of this kind and I was surprised that no one had taken up this idea before. There is so much change going on, the environment is so dynamic, so it just makes sense to bring people together and talk about branding in the energy industry. 
I have consulted energy brands in the past, starting with the big utilities. What really amazed me was, a few years ago, when Fukushima happened, I was consulting one of the conservative utilities, working with nuclear power, and they didn’t have a plan B. This was shocking to me. They didn’t have a plan for what is coming next. That brought me to thinking about energy branding and how we can facilitate that change. I think that the impulses for the industry come from startups and smaller companies. The bigger ones have understood that they need to change. But when I look on customer-centricity, having a very digital perspective, being more customer-friendly, more agile, that is coming from smaller companies.

What does the future of energy look like?
My prediction is that the future of energy brands is social. We will see an increasing significance of engaging communities and also, companies need to learn to listen. So not only talking but profoundly listening to customers. Only the ones that truly achieve that will be successful. 

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