Sabine Schmittwilken Faces of CHARGE – CHARGE Energy Conference

Sabine Schmittwilken

Head of Global Brand Management and Business Transformation at innogy SE

Sabine Schmittwilken is an inspirational brand and marketing director with a strong strategic and creative mind. She created Germany’s most innovative, digital, and sustainable energy brand from scratch, as well as established it to be Europe’s fourth most valuable energy brand within only 18 months.

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Tell us about yourself and why you are attending CHARGE?
I work in Germany and I live in Brussels. I am the Head of Global Brand Management at innogy SE, which is an energy company in Germany. Since June this year, innogy fully belongs to the E.ON group. I first attended CHARGE three years ago (2017) to introduce the brand and enjoyed the conference very much. It was good to network with the attendees and great to get new insights and ideas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it last year, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to come this year (2019). 

Why did you choose to go into the energy business?
I began working in the energy business 20 years ago. I was never very interested in energy before but at that time the market in Germany had just been liberalized. I thought if everything opens up that might be a good opportunity. And until now I think it’s a great market to be in, there’s so much to do. There’re so many things to discover and to change for the better.  Doing this we have to look outside the energy world especially because we do not find our competitors within these four walls anymore.

 What does the future of energy look like?
The question is always; are we ready for fast changes in the energy space? What is our answer to questions like decentralization, decarbonization, digitization, and democratization? The pressure on companies to move towards a sustainable future is increasing.  In my view, this is necessary because as we all know success is the biggest enemy of change.  And businesses need to change if the future of energy is supposed to change.

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