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Stuart McBain

Managing Director at Stuart McBain Ltd

Stuart McBain – Accountant | Director at Stuart McBain Ltd | Growth Coach | Access to Finance | Business Advisor

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Why do you attend CHARGE, and now for the 5th time?
The answer to this is that I had some kind of connection with Iceland for about 30 years. I’ve really always admired the country because of its approach to energy. The fact that you use energy from a renewable source really interests me. I first came to the country about 30 years ago. Then when the conference started five years ago, I absolutely knew that I must go to this conference. I think the answer is that it’s quite intuitive rather than logical. The reason why I come to your conference every year is because it just seems that it’s my home.

What kind of conversation should we be having at CHARGE 2020?
Focus on sustainable energy or alternative energy industry needs to start thinking in the same sorts of ways that everybody was very aware that the virus could kill us all. People need to be aware that if we don’t change our energy habits it will kill us all in the same way. So, it’s quite a stark and an extreme view. But I get the sense, every year we’re running out of time, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. So, this may be in the same way as that the attention of the world was captured by this Covid-19. They should have the same sense of urgency in terms of energy.

What does the future of energy look like?
I have an electric car. I buy my electricity from a solar panel provider from a company that harvests their energy from solar electricity. So, in my life is that I’m already living in the future in that respect. I don’t rely on hydrocarbon apart from things that I can’t control, like the foods that I buy. If I could convert or be sure that all the food that I buy comes from organisations that also use alternative energy I would be very, very happy.

Tell us something about your background?
As you all know, I drove around your country in an electric car two or three years ago, the charge around Iceland, so that previous to that you can I’ve also charged around the UK, and next year I’m going to charge around Australia. I was not the first person to drive around Iceland and I’m not the first person to drive around Australia. But I will be the first person to drive around Australia charging the car using a portable, printed new technology solar panel so that I will be able to charge the car completely off-grid.

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