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Rashid Alleem 1 | CHARGE Energy Conference

Dr. Rashid Alleem

The Chairman of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA)

H.E Dr. Rashid Alleem, is widely considered as one of the most prominent leading thinkers in the fields of the economical businesses and development of corporate leadership skills on both local and international levels. He is a passionate writer, Environmentalist, ranks 3rd among the 25 most influential CEOs in GCC, and an internationally respected transformational leader.

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Tell us about your background?
I’m from the United Arab Emirates, the Emirates Sharjah. I am chairman of the Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas authority, it´s considered to be the biggest organization in the country. We are responsible for supplying electricity, water, and gas to 1.5 million people. I report to the President of the country directly.
How have you liked Iceland so far?
Iceland is a very beautiful country. This is my first experience and hopefully, it will not be the last because we’ve been enjoying it for the last three days now.

What do you think of the programme?
I’m speaking on a panel, and sharing our experience about energy, what we do, and how we handle customers. How we handled transformation and changed for the better.

Why are you attending CHARGE?
We are here at CHARGE to network and see best practices and the lessons learned from different parts of the world.

What does the future of energy look like?
We are here because the United Nations made 17 global goals of sustainability back in 2015 because the whole world is in turbulent times. That’s what the encouraging call 2030. Goal number six talks about water management and sanitation programs. Goal number seven talks about renewable energy and the importance of energy efficiency. It is a UN Global Agenda with more than 93 global leaders that have signed that agenda. I’m a sustainable person too and I love to see how other people think about sustainability and how to clear the misconception. There’s a lot of talks now, about global warming and the environment and how to share it and how to conserve the resources for the generations to come. That’s why you see a lot of people having that concerns and I’m one of them.

How have you liked CHARGE so far?
Fridrik’s ideas are brilliant, I met him about a year ago. I was excited about the idea he has and how passionate he was about it. I can see how the conference is growing but I haven’t attended the previous ones. But based on the profile of the last year compared to this year, I think it’s growing.

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