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Ella Duda

International Strategy Director at Sixième Son

Ella Duda has 6+ years of experience in account client services for creative agencies and a specific focus in audio brand management. She has strong cross-cultural communication skills; coordinating teams in North America, France, Spain, Australia, Russia, UAE, India, and Turkey. Ella has an aim to cultivate creativity, innovation, and mindfulness in the workplace. 

Connect with Ella Duda

Tell us about your background?
I’m from Ohio originally, but I live in Paris, France. I studied French and International Business and now have a profound background in consulting brands on sonic brand strategies with 6 years at Sixième Son. We help our clients develop a strategy and implement a long-lasting system in the way that they use sound, music and voice as an identifiable asset for their brand identity.

What do you think of the programme?
The conference has been incredibly informative as I don’t necessarily work directly in the energy sector. However, we’re an agency that an energy brand, like our client Ekwateur, would hire to develop a strategy of sonic tools to enable them to better communicate with their target audience, as well as increase attention and impact across all touchpoints. I’m also experiencing this as a consumer, which has been very enriching and will leave with a better understanding of what energy companies are trying to do to make renewable resources available to me. So, the experience as a consumer will also help me and our team at Sixième Son better serve energy clients in sonic branding.

What does the future of energy look like?
Overall there’s a lot of focus on the customer-centric aspect of the experience and a brand should invest money into tools that will make the experience not only enjoyable and unique to the brand, but extremely clear. This will provide incredible value. Sound, music and voice are powerful tools because they have the ability to change our emotions, perceptions and unconscious behaviour. Consumers need reassurance in every possible way, and as visual cues so easily get lost in our short attention spans and as consumer touchpoints become more dominantly voice activated, the brand has only one medium left to communicate – sound. So, when developing an app, I want to HEAR that the payment was a success. When I call the customer service line, I want to feel like I’m not on hold for very long. When I watch a video on YouTube about the new energy-saving offers, I want to be engaged and feel compelled to engage in every-saving behaviours. All of these experiences can be enhanced and improved through a sonic strategy, specific to the brand.

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