Interview with Geoffrey Drucker

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Geoffrey Drucker
Managing Director of Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited

The CHARGE Awards celebrate excellence in branding in the energy sector. The aim of the Awards is to bring further the discussion on brand strategy by acknowledging and showcasing outstanding work. This year the winner in World´s Best Hydrogen Brand category is Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited. Finalists for this category are the companies that are taking responsibility for education, lobbying and infrastructure development in the use of clean hydrogen fuels and technology in the future of the energy grid. As for Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen (CRH), the company is focused on originating renewable hydrogen production opportunities. It coordinates the development of projects with support from expert consultants in engineering, modelling, technology, environmental impact, grant funding, legal and financial services, and project partners. Geoffrey Drucker, Managing Director of Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited, was actively participating in Charge event this year as panellist and awards recipient.

1.How does it feel to have won at CHARGE Awards? 
Firstly, it is a real owner to be part of a Global event, secondly, we are so pleased to get the recognition for our company and our brand. And we publicized success and a lot of people congratulate us on the achievement. And it has been a great value to us, for our business because we are smaller company then some of the big Hydrogen players, winning the award like this gives us credibility.

2. What does CHARGE Energy Awards mean to you? 
It means that we, as organization, have got independent recognition of our brand, of our company. And the rationale behind business it means we are able to communicate to other independent organizations. As recognized company it gives us the opportunity to secure publicity and the brand even further.

3. What does this mean to your customers?
Actually, it is a really good question, because for our customers and stakeholders it means a great deal, because it means that our company has gone up in the level of recognition, because we´ve been rewarded with the Award that we´ve got. And we are kind of on the World stage now. We are Australian company and communication was restricted to Australia, but now through the Charge Awards we´re on the Global stage and we are able to talk loudly to the organizations in the hydrogen space.  

4. How much of your success in the Awards can be traced to the marketing strategy and branding?
Probably great deal. We gave the development of the brand enormous amount of consideration, because we wanted to communicate a lot about of what we are trying to achieve in terms of using natural resources from Hydrogen production. And having a brand recognized, because we managed to provide submission to you, based on the rationale behind our brand, gave us I suppose the Reward of independent body looking at their brand, assessing the brand and saying “Yes, that all makes sense” and therefore we deserve to win the Award. So, it is enormous value to us.  

5. Would you like to improve anything in the process of Charge Awards? 
No, my thought it was really well managed. I really enjoyed participating in the panel discussions, I thought it was very well managed. I thought the communications were very good. I have absolutely nothing that I would suggest could be improved. It was experience it was a pleasure to be part of and rewarding obviously as we have won the Award.