CHARGE meets Christian McArthur and Dana Guernsey

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As we approach CHARGE Energy Branding North America (June 1-2 | The Royal Sonesta Houston TX), we’ve been asking our top speakers and partners to reveal their approach to branding in energy. In this article, we speak to Christian McArthur and Dana Guernsey.

McArthur, Co-Chief Executive Officer at Energywell is a proven energy industry executive and innovator with a rare combination of leadership, strategic thinking, and technical skills. With over 16 years of experience, Mr. McArthur has had direct involvement in accelerating growth organically through platform and product development, with experience as a senior executive managing multiple strategic acquisitions valued at more than US$850 million.

Dana, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Voltus, has dedicated her career to pursuing a cleaner energy future and smarter, more affordable electric grid. As Chief Product Officer, she leads the development of Voltus’s technology-enabled Distributed Energy Resource (DER) platform, which connects Voltus’s customers and technology partners to the value that they can extract from their local energy markets, while at the same time contributing to amore decarbonized and resilient electric grid.

The interviewer, Dr Fridrik Larsen, is the founder of CHARGE Energy Branding.

Why does a customer-centric focus matter to the future of energy?
McArthur: The shift to a sustainable electricity grid will not be possible without the support and participation by end consumers. That is – support for new policy and participation with the opportunities that new policy present, focus on total cost (financial and environmental) of carbon-based energy, recognition of ROI on investments today in sustainable grid, and recognition that behind-the-meter assets and load resources represent a required and critical participant in a sustainable, 100% renewable energy grid.
Guernsey: A customer-centric focus means that we are developing solutions to address a customer’s problem(s), enabling us to find ways to align their incentives with the market. Customers will need to understand and adopt these solutions if we are to truly transition to cleaner, more resilient energy sources.

What do you believe customer-centricity means for your market segment?
McArthur: For mass market consumers, customer-centricity means breaking the traditional utility and retailer “one size fits all” experience by providing personalized products and experiences designed to engage and activate customers. Electricity has traditionally been thought of as a “utility” that customers don’t care about. Customer-centric means helping customers understand their connection to, impact on, and responsibility for global climate change WHILE providing solutions that address the problem and have measurable and meaningful impact.
Guernsey: We’ve seen that aligning economic incentives with sustainability goals can be a powerful tool. Most of our customers’ main focus isn’t energy management, so we simplify the complex and make the customer experience about what matters most to them ultimately, which is cash, while ensuring that we are developing solutions that don’t disrupt their core business/operations.

What is your company doing to enable a customer-centric generation and supply market?
McArthur: Energywell is enabling a new breed of products and services designed to leverage customer data and great technology to drive customer education, engagement, behavior change, and ownership over impact.
Guernsey: Voltus has built a software platform that can connect and monetize distributed energy resources (DERs) in electricity markets around the world. By connecting customers’ flexible loads and behind the meter resources to the markets that value them, we further enable a distributed, decentralized, digital, and decarbonized grid that benefits both parties.

Christian McArthur and Dana Guernsey are both part of a panel session at CHARGE Energy Branding North America (June 1-2 | The Royal Sonesta Houston TX). Register to attend, and join +300 C-Level energy utilities, retailers, developers, power producers and e-mobility leaders in Houston TX to learn, network, and deliver the US energy transition here now.