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Top 7 Reasons to Attend

  1. Network With World’s Best Energy Brands
    Network with over 300+ senior energy brand and marketing executives and develop meaningful business connections. Meet with the top industry disruptors and innovators who are transforming the future of energy.

  2. Killer Content
    After an extensive market research process – we’ve designed a purpose-driven agenda guaranteed to help you gain the insights, best practices, and technologies you need.

  3. Grow
    Expand your knowledge and find solutions to your problems. Unlock proven strategies and tactics you need to boost your brand reputation, optimize customer acquisition, strengthen retention, and futureproof your market share
  4. Be Inspired
    Learn. Adapt. Take Action.
    Hear from CMO’s, VPs, Founders, Brand strategists and innovators that are shaping the story of energy. Brand transformation success case studies and thought-provoking storytelling sessions will leave you inspired to take action. Be challenged to think better, and do better.

  5. One of A Kind Community
    Become a part of a new true community in North America for energy branders, marketers, and communicators. Join a growing community that is shaping the story of a sustainable energy transition.

  6. Unwind
    Mingle over cocktails and eat delicious food, attend off-site events, and enjoy our unforgettable evening receptions.

  7. Discover Houston – a mecca for the who’s who in energy and a must-visit destination for energy professionals. You’ll never run out of things to do. Steps from the venue hotel discover a thriving Museum District, arts scene, with ballet, opera, symphony and theater.  NASA and the Texas Medical Center, along with 25 Fortune 500 corporations, are headquartered in Houston.

A platform of forward-thinking solutions

''Exceptional. At other energy conferences, basically, you already know most of the topics. Here, it’s new because it is bringing together these two aspects. It’s a unique conference. I think there is no other conference that covers the topic of branding, marketing and energy.''
Dr. Thomas Hillig

CHARGE Audience By Geography

Holistic approach to the energy brand

Comprehensive coverage of all the elements that are critical to a strong and modern energy brand


Communications are fundamental in a brand's efforts to convey its promise and inspire understanding among consumers. For a brand to be unique, it needs to communicate effectively.


Truly effective energy brands are not afraid to break the status quo. They seek out new challenges and adopt new and innovative strategies to overcome them. Strategy is not sporadic but continuous and integrated.


Sustainability is no longer a point of differentiation but a permission to play. Consumers demand responsibility to which the energy brand must respond to honestly in order to stay in the game.


Renewable, green, clean and sustainable mean different things to different people and being renewable doesn't necessarily mean being sustainable. Strong brands recognize this and how it is percieved by their customers.


Innovation doesn't have to be a new technology or originate form the R&D department. It can be any value stream extracted from the value chain. Strong energy brands seek to innovate throughout their entire chain of operations.


Branding is usually thought of as a subtopic of marketing, but in practice it is the opposite. Marketing is a means of communicating ideas, messages and other elements to stakeholders from the brand. It is the muscle to the company's brain.

Why Does Brand Strength Matter in Energy?

As you know, the technical challenges of energy decentralization, decarbonization, deregulation and digitalization are immense. But our success is not contingent on technological advancement alone.

If we cannot communicate effectively, tell stories that convince stakeholders to invest or shape consumer narratives that embrace change and possibility, we will be unable to accelerate through the energy transition at the speeds that we need to make a real impact.

Put plainly, the role of brand leaders, marketing strategists, communicators and content leaders has never been more critical. Our part is to sell the energy transition, to make the business case for investment, advocate for policy improvements, and bring consumers along with us. Technology needs storytelling, just as energy needs branding.

That’s Why CHARGE Matters.

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