With its platform of the same name, powercloud has been offering an open cloud SaaS solution for the energy industry since 2012 and is currently the market leader in Germany with more than 200 customers.

powercloud, the fastest-growing billing system in the energy industry, promotes the development of innovative energy brands and green offers making established utilities, network, and metering point operators, as well as municipal utilities – ready, relevant, and agile for customers and market, needs alike.

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Bynder is the creative content engine powering digital experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands like Spotify, PUMA, and Five Guys. Bynder ’s digital asset management platform helps teams collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets.

Our vision is to elevate marketing creativity to the heart of digital experience so brands can build authentic relationships. Check out for more insights on how you can harness tech to accelerate brand operations and boost workplace creativity.

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We believe in the power of simplicity. At Siegel+Gale, we own it, defend it and live by it. We’re a brand strategy, design and experience firm. With unlimited imagination and a dedication to the facts, we build brands that cut through the clutter—and unlock success for our clients.

Every day, we partner with the world’s leading corporations, nonprofits and government organizations to build brand experiences that are clear, beautiful and useful. In other words, simple. Brands that embrace simplicity forge deeper relationships with their customers and employees—and unleash powerful results.

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Landsbankinn is a leading Icelandic financial institution. The Bank offers a full range of financial services and is the market leader in the Icelandic financial service sector with the largest branch network.

Landsnet is a public company that owns and runs the electrical transmission system in Iceland, as well as handling its power system operation. 

All electrical lines and related constructions that transmit electrical energy with voltage of 66kV or higher are included in Landsnet‘s transmission system.

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Powering the future In Iceland all our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources; falling water, the heat of the earth and the force of the wind. Our unique position allows us to offer long-term agreements, advantageous prices and exceptional security of electricity supply. 

Operating for over half a century, Landsvirkjun now generates three quarters of all electricity used in Iceland. We believe that expertise, progressiveness and responsible harnessing of natural sources bring us closer to powering the future in a sustainable way

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RARIK (Iceland State Electricity) was established on 2nd April, 1946, and started operations in January the following year. RARIK has worked on developing various power projects throughout Iceland, such as the electrification of rural areas and interconnecting districts with high voltage system. 

RARIK also laid extensive system of transmission lines between the country’s various regions, constructing an integrated power grid stretching around all of Iceland. RARIK has been the leading force behind these developments, and thanks to the extensive interconnected power grid, the whole country can now benefit from every harnessed hydro-electric or geothermal power source.

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Sustainability Partner

Sustainability Partner

Rune Kirt and Mads Thomsen started working together at Aarhus School of Architecture in 2008. Collaborating on their thesis project, the KNARR Cargo Airship, they graduated with honours, and were both hired into Vestas Wind Systems A/S.

Following further development of the concept internally in Vestas, they worked at different R&D sections on developing practical solutions as well as development of future blue sky concepts.

KIRT x THOMSEN was established in early 2011, and has grown, matured and evolved ever since. At this point we have an established and recognised presence within the wind industry and successfully co-developed on projects in the markets of wave energy, electric vehicles, smart grid and in collaboration public research institutions. 

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The object of Orkusalan is first and foremost to produce, buy and sell electricity to private parties, commercial undertakings and public bodies throughout Iceland. Orkusalan focuses on competitive prices, streamlined service and a positive service experience.

Business Iceland is a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic companies in foreign markets and to stimulate economic growth through increased export.

Administrative Partner

The Ministry of Industries and Innovation (MII) covers all sectors of ordinary business and economic activity.  It opened on 1 September 2012 following the amalgamation of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

With the establishment of the new ministry, state supervision and involvement in industry and innovation are brought together and coordinated in one place, the aim being to pave the way for a vigorous and forward-looking economy.

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The Ministry for Foreign Affairs safeguards the interests of Icelandic citizens, companies and consumers by facilitating access to international markets and strengthening free trade. 

The Ministry supports Icelandic firms abroad and promotes Icelandic arts and culture. The Foreign Ministry conducts Iceland’s political relations with other states and international organisations, covering a wide range of issues ranging from human rights to security and defence and trade. Iceland’s international development cooperation aims to deliver measurable results in poverty eradication, improving living conditions and achieving gender equality, freedom and prosperity in the world. The Ministry protects the interests of Icelandic citizens abroad and provides assistance in cases such as accidents, illness or death overseas.

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