CHARGE Energy Branding Europe 2021

Introducing an agenda that challenges you to THINK different, then DO different!

A pioneering agenda that challenges energy executives to THINK differently and ultimately DO differently to optimize their brand, business, and ability to deliver on the sustainable energy transition.

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NOTE: Session timings and speakers are liable to change and are entirely at the conference organisers discretion.

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Monday, October 11

8:45-8:55 GMT


[KEYNOTE] Welcome remarks from Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President, Iceland

  • Iceland is a nation of innovators, pioneers, and new ideas. We welcome you to join us in delivering CHARGE Energy Branding Europe 2021.

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland

Monday, October 11

9:00-9:45 GMT


[PANEL] Leverage brand positioning to navigate the energy transition

  • As we navigate the technological demands of the energy transition, how is your brand having to adapt to meet changing social, policy and regulatory expectations? 
  • What tools and technologies are you using to extract customer and stakeholder insights, analytics and brand positioning metrics? 
  • What is your vision for the value of these tools in shaping customer and stakeholder experiences of your brand? 
  • As established brands in your markets, how are you responding to new disruptive competitors; think EnTechs in Retail, EVs taking on utility functions and the positioning of oil majors through the green transition.

Marc Cloosterman, CEO, VIM Group

Axel Löber, SVP Global Brand & Marketing, E.ON

Duncan Blake, SVP of Brand, bp

Nicolas Ziegler, Head of Brand Management, ABB

Monday,  October 11

10:00-10:20 GMT


[KEYNOTE] Transforming customer-centricity with a new vision for renewables part-ownership

  • Hear from Ripple Energy’s founder & CEO as she explores how their vision for energy transition is upending traditional attitudes towards power generation and supply.
  • Explore how technological innovation, particularly in smart metering and demand generation, has upended what’s possible when delivering an authentic customer-centric approach to energy.
  • Evaluate the rapidly shifting role value of energy CEO’s as storytellers, and as guardians of their companies brand identity.

Sarah Merrick, Founder & CEO, Ripple Energy

Monday,  October 11

10:20-10:30 GMT


[KEYNOTE] Leverage creative automation to supercharge marketing scale

  • Learn what steps energy companies can take to adapt to the challenge of content creation where personalization to channel, region and consumer experience is more critical than ever before
  • Explore how brand leaders in other industries leverage creative automation tools and techniques to optimize their online advertising and personalised digital experiences
  • Evaluate the efficiency gains possible when you leverage cutting-edge on-brand production tools to scale your marketing outreach at speed

Kate McMullen, Sales Representative, Bynder

Monday, October 11

10:30-11:00 GMT


[PANEL] The circular economy in motion

  • What inspired your company’s technological approach? 
  • How are concepts around the “circular economy” driving forward innovation in energy? 
  • Complex problems require complex solutions, but complexity isn’t good for storytelling. So what would you say you have learned about telling good stories about complex solutions? 
  • What are the challenges of storytelling in sustainable technology now, versus what they were five years ago?
  • What would you say is the most important story you’re telling as a business now?  
  • What lessons have been learned in shaping policy maker support for new technologies, and investors, over the general public? Is a different approach required to inspire real urgency? 
  • How important will public understanding of the “circular economy ” and “sustainability” be to the rapid scaling up of your solutions? 

Colin Mangham, Chief Communications Officer, Morpho Energy (Moderator)

Kristinn Ingi Lárusson, Head of Business Development, Carbfix

Emeric Sarron, Chief Technology Officer, Carbon Recycling International

Kristjana María Kristjánsdóttir, Projects, Carbon Recycling International

Hal Oskarsson, Chairman of the Board, Carbon Iceland

Monday, October 11

11:00-12:00 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Future of energy retail with Salesforce & SachsenEnergie AG

  • How can utilities become truly digital to overcome emerging challenges
  • What are the key characteristics that an incumbent must consider?
  • How can Salesforce Industries and powercloud help customers to transform
  • What kind of benefits can customers expect to generate?
  • Voice of the customer: SachsenEnergie, the largest municipal energy utility in eastern Germany

Marco Beicht, CEO and Founder, powercloud GmbH

Kelly James, Vice President and General Manager Energy & Utilities Industries, Salesforce

Andreas Nicklas, Chief Digital Officer, SachsenEnergie AG

Christian Buechner, Chief Information Officer, SachsenEnergie AG

Monday, October 11



[KEYNOTE] Get to know powercloud, the fastest growing cloud SaaS billing system in the energy industry

powercloud facilitates the development of innovative energy utility brands and green energy products, and helps existing suppliers, grid and metering point operators (very soon), as well as municipal utilities to get ready for the IT and customer requirements of tomorrow. Alongside EnBW, E.ON, Q CELLS, EWE, EWII and SachsenEnergie, powercloud’s customers include a large number of utilities and independent energy providers with a growing customer focus on the U.S., Central and Northern Europe and Australia.

Simon Orosz, Chief Sales Officer International, powercloud

Monday, October 11

1:00-1:30 GMT


[NETWORKING] Join us for executive networking via Run the World

We’re delighted to invite you to meet new connections with CHARGE Energy Branding. We’ll be using the platform “Run the World” to facilitate executive speed networking, and roundtables.

Executive roundtables will allow you to meet and discuss best practice with likeminded professionals. Topics available include:

  • What does 5 STAR customer service and digital experience look like in energy? How can we improve further?
  • What tools are you using to benchmark brand, marketing and customer satisfaction? What works and why?
  • What non-energy industries do you look to for best practices and why? How are these insights driving innovation in your business?

You can add this session to your calendar using the link here: https://www.addevent.com/event/Yf9167087

Monday, October 11

2:00-2:30 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Brand Values: avoid the “greenwashing” trap

  • The climate crisis reached a new level of urgency with the recent IPCC report which made clear the connection between human activity and the warming of our planet. Although deeply concerning, many sections of industry and government have suggested that we still have an opportunity to reverse the seemingly inevitable.

  • Widely accepted that this task will not be achieved without the unprecedented collaboration and cooperation of governments and industry, it is still not the time for large oil and gas brands to give up hope. A quick look at public responses to social posts from major energy companies clearly shows where the general public see more room to step up.

  • So where does that leave energy brands? Many energy companies are pushing to supply the world with renewable green energy. In fact, Danish energy brand Ørsted has been voted the world’s most sustainable corporation for the last three years. So, how can brands that are genuinely trying to do the right thing avoid, not just being cast in the negative light of greenwashing, and also propel themselves to the forefront of those leading the fight against climate change? Simply put, are there strategies and tools, larger and more tactical, that can actually ‘walk the talk’?

  • In this discussion, we will look at brand purpose and authenticity as the foundation and launchpad of success, coupled with thoughtful, driven action to make it real. Bottom line: we believe that brands that are transparent and aligned with their values will come out on top, and those that continue to greenwash will only further lag in a world where innovation provides genuine options

Liz Olsen, Group Director Strategy, Siegel+Gale

Monday, October 11

3:00-4:00 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Futureproof your business with authentic & accountable renewable energy supply

Major corporations and industrials, as household brands and significant energy users, have a critical role to play as we navigate the energy transition. Their public presence and ability to influence mass-market behaviours will prove invaluable in shaping narratives vital to the delivery of our sustainability, net-zero and climate goals. However, there is a disconnect between statements made on ESG, and the practicalities of proving sustainable energy usage in major supply chains. 

That’s why, in this unique workshop, we’re going to address just how major corporations can start to close the gaps between words and actions by leveraging the latest innovations in real-time RECs. What’s more, we’ll offer business-critical insights they can use to build transparency around sustainability and ESG into their brand building, to ensure that their business is visibly strengthened and futureproofed for the energy transition, and accelerating attention on supply chain sustainability as a major factor in consumer choice. 

Key discussion points include:

  •  What’s the problem we’re trying to solve? What is the impact on brand/business survivability of not addressing transparency in supply chain sustainability? 
  • What more can major C&I’s do, both in the run-up to COP26 and beyond, to accelerate their journey towards a more sustainable future? Where will future pressure come from, not just about investors and the public? 
  • How will technology help enable greater transparency? 
  • How should C&I’s leverage sustainability in their branding? How critical is this, and the idea of sustainable accountability to brand and business health in the next 2-3 years? What is the urgency? 

Hans Petter Kildal, CEO, Becour AS

John Harris, Sales Manager Renewable Energy Portfolio, INGKA/IKEA

Marianne Groven, Sustainability Director, ELOPAK

Dan Scarborough, Founder, RockScar

Hannah Arcaro, Regional Environmental Manager (EMEA), UBS

Shailesh Telang, Technical Manager (Renewable Energy), CDP

Monday, October 11

4:00-4:20 GMT


[PANEL] Driving innovation through equity & representation

The past 18months have shown us that workplace equity is possible once we embrace flexible innovation and promote representation. As the success of the energy transition will hinge on a similar ability to adopt innovative solutions, it’s critical that we take the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned and explore where we can improve still further in the immediate future. What’s more, this panel will address key questions on how representation inspires and impacts innovation cultures, not just in technology, but also in brand, especially on the delivery of critical user experiences in customer-facing energy companies. 

Janine Finnell Executive Director, Leaders in Energy

Laurie Wiegand-Jackson, President & CEO, Utility Advantage

Todd Manuel, VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Transformation, Edison Electric Institute

Gary King, Chief Diversity Officer, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Tuesday, October 12

9:00-9:20 GMT


[KEYNOTE] Grids as the enablers of the energy transition (Part 1)

  • Explore how companies such as Enel are working to alleviate bottlenecks in the energy transition as we increasingly decarbonize generation and electrify critical infrastructure
  • Understand how the role of grid companies will change as we endeavour to deliver the energy transition at the pace we need to have a lasting impact

Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks, Enel Group

Tuesday, October 12

9:20-9:40 GMT


[INTERVIEW] Grids as the enablers of the energy transition (Part 2)

  • Further to our conversation on grids, hear from Vincent Ranieri on how they’re tackling the unique challenges of digitalization in Italy
  • Debate the value of “brand” and “reputation” to grid companies, and examine how reputation influences stakeholder management skillsets that are so critical to major project delivery
  • Learn how the EU DSO Entity provides an essential avenue for DSO’s to share ideas, innovation and best practice as we tackle the challenge of grid digitalization and decarbonization internationally

Vincenzo Ranieri, CEO, e-distributione SpA & President of the EU DSO Entity

Tuesday, October 12

9:40-10:00 GMT


[KEYNOTE] Define your brand vision to ensure your social impact

In a CHARGE Energy Branding exclusive, we speak to pioneering business leader, entrepreneur and podcaster Sigrun Gudjonsdottir to get her take on:

  • Where does the inspiration come from? How do you set that vision, how do you come up with a brand purpose? How do you create mindsets that reinforce ambition and innovative cultures?
  • Why are brand identity and social values more critical than ever before? Furthermore, what is the brand, relevancy and consumer impact of not taking a proactive and positive stand on major social issues?

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, CEO & Founder, The Sigrun Show (Podcast)

Tuesday, October 12

10:30-11:00 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Agile innovation and customer-centricity in regulated German markets

  • Hear how Octopus Energy is making agile innovation and customer-centricity the cornerstone of its push into the European electricity market.
  • Explore how lessons learned in UK and US markets have informed Octopus Energy’s approach to innovative marketing and communications in the more strictly regulated German energy market.
  • Examine the unique narrative and communications challenges faced by energy technology (EnTech) companies in advancing the rollout of electric vehicle and grid electrification

Andrew Mack, CEO, Octopus Energy Germany

Bastian Gierull, Chief Marketing Officer, Octopus Energy Germany

Tuesday, October 12

11:00-11:30 GMT


[PANEL] Looking Beyond NPS: Increase your Brand Value & Customer Base with the Appropriate Tools and Methods

  • Best research practices on what to avoid? What not to avoid when it comes to energy marketing?
  • Learn how to use the right tools to collect data and transform information into actionable insights
  • Understand the scoring structure of NPS and what exactly customers are answering
  • Explore how eBBI measures a company’s position in our economy, and where a company stands with their competition and how they can improve

Fridrik Larsen, Founder, CHARGE Energy Branding (Moderator)

Robert Stulle, Co-Founder, Reflecting Systems

Anders Lier, Founder & Chairman, Propell Group and Energi.AI

Knut Aasrud, Chairman of the board, Becour

Tuesday, October 12

1:00-2:00 GMT


[PANEL] CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2021

The CHARGE Energy Branding Awards 2021 celebrate the best brands and professionals across the global energy market.

Leveraging a combination of empirical measurements, independent qualitative analysis and academically verified benchmarking formula, we’re on the hunt again to find the best of the best.

For more information on the finalists and process, simply visit our awards website here

Tuesday, October 12

2:00-2:30 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Make Green Futures Visible: The Power of Sci-fi and Visual Storytelling

“A really fun and informative workshop and one of my personal highlights of CHARGE2020” – said one of the participants of last year’s workshop. 

Following last year’s success, we’ll once again deep dive into sci-fi thinking mindset to challenge how we think, communicate and use energy.

During the workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to the concept of sci-fi thinking and benefits of applying it in energy business
  • Explore how visual storytelling techniques help bring projects to life faster
  • Discover how playing with fictional future scenarios can open up meaningful and engaging discussion around energy futures to improve innovation success.

Rune Kirt, Co-Founder, KIRT x THOMSEN

Mads Thomsen, Co-Founder, KIRT x THOMSEN

Tuesday, October 12

3:00-3:45 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Think like a video creative; lessons learned humanising energy

  • Take the unique opportunity to join the World Energy Council and BBC StoryWorks as they explore the role for “humanization” and “characterization” as tools to communicate the energy transition.
  • In this exclusive workshop, you’ll get the chance to review short films and leave with broadcaster insights on how to deliver impactful stories to help you communicate your critical message.
  • Finally, we’ll review lessons learned by the WEC that will be influential in shaping attitudes, behaviors and habits through the energy transition for years to come.

Omar Zaafrani, Chair of the World Energy Council’s Communications & Strategy Committee

Mark Gavhure, Partner Manager, Programme Partnerships, BBC StoryWorks

Dr Fridrik Larsen, Founder, CHARGE Energy Branding

Wednesday, October 13

9:00-9:20 GMT


[INTERVIEW] Bumps & bruises; taking on the energy incumbents

  • As we navigate the green energy transition, new innovations in digital technology, customer experiences and changing brand expectations offer incredible new opportunities to shake up the status quo and deliver real value to consumers globally.
  • Still, too many markets are dominated by rigid, stale and entrenched incumbent interests. This creates unique obstacles for challenger brands, particularly tech-driven companies disrupting traditional energy retail markets, particularly as innovation incumbent regulatory environments.
  • That’s why we’re so excited to speak to Luke Blincoe, Chief Executive of The Energy Collective as he reveals his lessons learned, and candid experiences challenging the NZ and AU energy markets to think and act differently.

Luke Blincoe, Chief Executive Officer, The Energy Collective

Wednesday, October 13

9:20-9:50 GMT


[INTERVIEW] Lessons learned being brave with content…

New Zealand had one of the strictest lockdowns in the developed world, which created major difficulties for marketers. Namely, how do you engage existing and potential customers, and second, how do you develop compelling content with limited resources when speed is invaluable?

To gain first-hand insights, we speak to fast growing challenger brand, Electric Kiwi, to get their perspective on developing content. They’ll explore the need for bravery, attention to brand experience and assess the impact their lockdown campaigns have had on the company as they scale and take on the energy incumbents.

Andrew Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer, Electric Kiwi

Wednesday, October 13

9:50-10:10 GMT


[INTERVIEW] Communicating change; describing the electrification journey to consumers

  • Explore what big opportunities are available to energy companies that act early to reduce environmental footprints, electrify the grid and optimize grid efficiency through digitalization
  • Discuss how consumer and policy pressure drives the green transition, and the responsibilities of energy companies and CEOs as guardians of the energy transition
  • Assess lessons learned in building community and consumer support for major new renewable projects
  • Examine the value of energy company brands as investible assets, and your brand strategy as a critical project enabler
  • Review the systems, processes and technologies available to benchmark brand penetration and salience in fast changing energy markets.

Hando Sutter, CEO, Eesti Energia

Wednesday, October 13

11:00-11:30 GMT


[PANEL] Marketing hydrogen; tackling the unique challenges of an immature market

Technologically, it’s clear that hydrogen will play a large role in supporting our energy transition. However, there are major questions in this nascent market, that threaten to disrupt progress and impact on the perception of hydrogen technology not just amongst the general public, but also policy makers, regulators, and critically, project investors. That’s why, in a CHARGE exclusive, we’re thrilled to host a progressive and thoughtful debate around the impact these debates are, will and continue to have on the brand identity of hydrogen fuel technology.

Key discussion points include:

  • What are the unique “image or perception” challenges faced by the hydrogen sector, particularly when speaking to regulators, policy makers and the public?
  • How does the debate around Green and Blue hydrogen impact storytelling, brand building and communications campaigns?
  • Where do we go from here? What lessons have been learned on building support for hydrogen as a key contributor to the decarbonization of the energy transition in the run up to 2030?

Martina Wettin, Co-Founder, Nilsson Energy

Geoffrey Drucker, Managing Director, Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen (CRH) 

Lea Vindvad Hansen, Investor relations & Communication manager, Everfuel

Wednesday, October 13

12:00-1:00 GMT


[WORKSHOP] Communicating the Climate Crisis

As we look to tackle and prevent the most serious impacts of climate change, the pace and urgency of the energy transition has never been more important. As you know, the technological obstacles are great, but if we are unable to communicate effectively, we may not be able to decarbonize key industries in time to have an impact.


Too often, academics, scientists and innovators are at the forefront of finding solutions but find it difficult to communicate effectively to policy and investment decision makers. That is why, in a brand-new track for CHARGE Energy Branding Europe 2021 (Oct 11-13), we’re excited to bring academics and decision makers together to share experiences, lessons learned and critical communications best practice.


With the scientific support of the Enel Foundation, this track will allow influential academics and critical thinkers to share their experiences in leveraging research to inform and influence the critical technological and policy developments that will be central to delivering the energy transition.

Carlo Papa, Managing Director, Enel Foundation


Including Academic Presentations and a Panel from:

Laura Giovannini, Deputy Director, Enel Foundation (Moderator)

Professor Matteo Di Castelnuovo, SDA Professor of Practice in Energy Economics, SDA Boccon

Carlo Giupponi, Full Professor of Environmental Economics at the Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Dean of the Venice International University

Paola Mercogliano, Head of Regional Model and geo-Hydrological Impacts Research Division, Euro‐Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change

Dr Fridrik Larsen, Founder, CHARGE Energy Branding

Wednesday, October 13

2:00-2:30 GMT


[INTERVIEW] Real talk; can we overcome the greatest obstacles to the energy transition?

The challenges in front of us are overwhelming. Is it realistic that we are going to reach the ambitions laid out at COP26? Are we going to be able to deliver the energy transition at a personal level, where transformation of consumption habits requires a wholesale rethink? Moreover, do we have the geopolitical will to share the resources needed to power the lives of nine billion people by 2050 and attract the policy and financial investments required? 

These challenges, and so many more threaten to derail our efforts to deliver on the promise and opportunity of the energy transition. That’s why, for all the attention paid to the short term, it is critical that we keep an eye on the macro-level challenges that threaten to throw us off course. Join us in an exclusive conversation with Lawrence Jones, VP International Programs at the Edison Electric Institute to find out more.