Webinar Series examines academic developments for energy brands

Charge Energy Branding is teaming up with Enel Foundation and the University of Iceland with a Webinar Series to discuss some of the ways in which the worldwide

Covid-19 pandemic impacted energy demand and uses as well as investments in the energy sector. The webinar series are designed to stimulate researchers and academics to submit abstracts to Charge Academic, coming up on September 28th and 29th 2020 in digital format.

The event is a global knowledge hub for academics and professionals within the energy space. For the past years, CHARGE has brought together stakeholders from the energy sector to pool knowledge on some of the most pressing issues of our times.

Recent studies by reputed agencies such as IEA have highlighted the multiple ways in which the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic impacted energy demand and uses as well as investments in the energy sector.

It is a fact that the energy industry emerging from the crisis will be significantly different, and this will have a tremendous impact on energy brands as they try to get their space at the core of green economy stimulus driving recovery efforts worldwide.

1st Webinar, Green Brands are Profitable, will take place on June 15th focusing on the relationship between green brands and financial performance, departing from an analysis of the resilience that these companies demonstrated in the stock markets during the pandemics.

Branding is not a large theme within the energy space and not considered relevant by many. That is intriguing since empirical evidence shows that companies that engage in brand building outperform their peers on many relevant KPI´s.

The keynote speaker will be Mark Kramer, Senior Lecturer Harvard Business School, Founder and Managing Director of FSG, who is conducting research efforts on how to move beyond ESG by communicating the economic value of corporate social impact to investors.

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2nd Webinar, The Circular Energy Consumer, will take place on July 7th focusing on how recent developments such as the new EU Circular Economy Action Plan can drive the emergence of a new type of customer in the energy space.

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Nirmalya Kumar, from Singapore Management University and a former lecturer at Harvard Business School, London Business School and Kellogg School of Management. He will share his views also considering his former experience as strategy head for the $100 billion Tata group. 


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