Fridrik Larsen, CHARGE Founder and CEO

If you are old enough to remember a type of music called “disco”, you might remember a song called “Every 1’s a Winner” by the band Hot Chocolate. The message of the song: “Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s the truth” seems to directly contradict the concept of awards ceremonies. By the nature of these things, not everyone can be a winner.

However, having now promoted CHARGE awards for the fourth year I think, in this case, Hot Chocolate were right. CHARGE awards are designed to reward the hard work of branding and marketing teams, in a sector which is known for technological and engineering innovation, rather than for its communications achievements.

In other words, CHARGE Awards are there to redress the balance. We feel that there are now so many great energy brands, built by companies which have invested considerable resources into brand development, that our awards ceremony is, first and foremost, rewarding this collective hard work.

These companies have looked at branding best practice, considered how to tell their story, conducted internal consultations, reached out to clients, searched other sectors for inspiration, innovated, and brought value to the sector as a whole.

As a consequence, branding has gained in importance. I would go as far as to say that over the last 10 years, innovation in branding has kept pace with technological innovation. As Vattenfall’s CEO Magnus Hall says in the latest CHARGE newsletter, branding commitments are driving the energy sector’s transformation.

Now that you know that you can’t lose by entering, I would urge you to consider attending. You will find more information here. On awards night, as the glamour of the event dazzles even the most work-a-day energy professional, and you come face to face with the nominees, you will realise that CHARGE Awards is an appreciation of the whole industry. An industry that has embraced branding with both hands – and that’s the truth!